The poison cloud over the U.S.



In a vision in autumn 2002 Reber saw a terrorist attack (with islamic background) on the US, that will be so devastating that many thousands will be found dead. Reber, who first delivered this prophecy in Canada upon invitation of David Demian, says he has been transported by the Spirit of God into the very US cities and neighborhoods where this is going to happen and saw the many dead bodies strewn about. Ten months ago, God let him revisit the vision and told him to speak it to America. On May 6, 2006 Erich shared this vision for the first time in the US at a seminar in St. Paul, Minnesota hosted by Lutheran Renewal.


»It looked far worse than after the 2004 Tsunami«, he said. »The result of this attack will be the emergence of a cloud of poison that will hover over the US, and then slowly, over a number of days, move towards Canada.


This attack will have two results: First: It will lead to a great and new quest for God. The followers of Jesus in the US therefore should get ready for a large harvest of people previously unmoved by God. Second: The US as a nation will overreact and retaliate with military means so strong that this will lead to a huge humiliation and demoralization of the Islamic world. America and some political Allies will lead a military strike of such a force that millions of Muslims will cry out to Allah in desperation – in a similarly unanswered way as Christians in America who merely cry out to God to do something. Then, many Muslims will cry out for help “to anyone”, and this will be the time when Jesus will reveal himself to them. This, in turn, will open an entirely new door for the gospel, and many Muslims will be brought into the Kingdom of God.«


What to do in Preparation?


Asked whether this attack can be prevented by prayer or repentance, Erich says: »I wish it could be averted, but I feel this is part of a judgment that God has firmly planned for America. Maybe as we get ready for such an event and stand on our guard, ready to use our rod, that is, our God-given authority to command the cloud to be cast away, it will be possible to lessen the devastating impact of the attack. And if we prepare wisely, maybe thousands of lives can be spared. But my main admonition that I seemed to have heard from God is this:


Eat My Word!


As we in Switzerland saw news reports in the aftermath of the devastation of 9/11, there were many stories showing the responses of the churches in America. What we saw were churches that had a few moments of silence and then lit candles in remembrance of the lives that were lost – that was all. God has told me that America loves a good show, conferences, strategies, concepts and charismatic figures, but does not eat my Word anymore. In a dream, God showed me my own three-year-old son, Joel, who sat at my feet, ripping out page after page of a small Bible, and stuffing it into his little mouth. Whenever he had swallowed a page, his face became radiant. Immediately I thought of Ezekiel, who was told by God to eat the scroll, and of the passage in the Gospel of John: “Whoever believes in me as the scriptures say, streams of living waters will flow from within him.


When such things happen, those who follow Jesus should not light one more candle, observe not one more minute of silence, but be the live-answer to those who desperately need answers. And this answer is the same that the jailor in the book of Acts got. His jail felt like the safest place in town; no robber would think of breaking into the town jail. This is how many in America think of themselves: safe and far away from an attack. However, one earthquake reduced all that to rubble. In despair, the jailor wanted to take his own life. But Paul and Silas, who had not run away, still sat there and did two things: they told him about Jesus and spoke to him the word of the Lord. This will be the very role of those following Jesus in such moments: to be the answer of God right where answers are needed. Christians are not to lose their heads in fear when disaster strikes. But if we have not filled ourselves with the scriptures, we will have nothing to say. Therefore, I encourage everyone to very soon plan special time-outs with God, go with him on the mountain as the two disciples in the story of Jesus on the mountain of transfiguration, and get ready for the tumultuous times ahead.


Stretch out your hand. Since, humanly speaking, there is nothing that people could do, in utter fear and frustration many will cry out to God, feeling like the people of Israel trapped between the army of Egypt and the Red Sea. However, God will answer, as he did to Moses: Why do you cry so loud to me? Stretch out your hand and use your rod! And as people would pray in unity and authority, they will see the cloud cast into the sea. Just loudly crying in agony to God won’t work.


In preparation for this, all those in positions of authority are to align resources and disaster relief, from the Department of Defense, to churches, to faith-based humanitarian services. They are to plan to work together more closely to coordi-nate necessary evacuation measurements, transportation, gas mask provision, helpful media statements, etc.


And let us never forget that the Bible teaches us that humans are never the enemy. We fight not against flesh and blood. Let forgiveness, mercy and wisdom govern our actions, not hate, anger and vengeance. It is my prayer that God will limit any judgment and maximize every blessing for America!«


Erich Reber  –  2002


Source: Lutheran Renewal | Foto: © Tiberius Gracchus -


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