The false Blue Beam Rapture


»Now I give a new warning to you:

For those that believe in the coming of Yahu-shua again, you use the word rapture, the catching away of My faithful Women and Men and Children. I warn you now: Beware My Children of a Counterfeit Rapture devised by those you trust. When they say: „Jesus is here”, when they say: „Jesus is there, come and meet us there” (Matt. 24:23/24), beware My Children of the Hologram in the sky, that will be satan coming in disguise. For new weapons shall mow you down. For those who do not listen, for those who do not know, they will be evaporated, they will be nothing more than smoke. For you need not go anywhere for Yahushua to come, My Son will come where you are.



Beware My Children of the „Blue Beam Rapture”, which is no rapture, for it is evil being caught away, when they thought they were coming to behold the face of Jesus. I allowed them to be deceived, for if you were truly hearing from Me you would know your word, you would know even the very elect would be deceived. This is the plan, this is the plot of the enemy, just to show you what evil is. Not all who gather will be evil, some just haven't heard the warnings, some don't know how to hear My voice, so I tell you to warn them. For My Son doth come but the devil tries to go before, so warn them. Test the Spirit that speaks.


Yes, it is true that the dead in the Messiah shall arise, and you which remain will be caught up in the air to meet My Son but the devil goes before. Be warned those with ears, listen, those with spiritual eyes, see, so you will not be fooled when this counterfeit tries to appear before thee. When your own politicians around the world look up to the sky and say: „There is a greater God coming than I”, they will see apparitions; yes they will say they see space ships. It will make your news. An alien will even be interviewed. Remember My Children whence this comes, satan goes before My Son. Satan mocks me in all ways, the greatest mockery is trying to steal My true Babies, Bride, Chosen ones and Elect away.


There is coming a false rapture. The devil means to mock Me in all ways. This is why it is so very urgent to get the word out so that people will not be deceived. Beware of the evangelists on TV. Why do you think they are so rich and so famous? Because they are going to lead souls to the anti-messiah, they have paid the price, they have been bought. Beware of the evangelists on TV when they are not teaching you the Jewishness of Me.


Shelby Corbitt though your intentions were originally good, you were deceived by others, and a lying deceiving spirit you received from Kenneth Copeland, Choo Thomas and among others you listened too. I have warned through Elisabeth Elijah that a false rapture is being planned even now, where people will be taken away, or vaporized by governmental weapons in disguise. Satan's elite forces will come in the form of UFO's and USO's (Unidentified Sea Objects) and remove people in a way you think is only science fiction. Remember, much science fiction is a warning of satan's plans.


All of the above will come to pass and at separate time intervals in history, and all over the world, not just America. I gave this Prophet writing a warning in a dream about portals of hell opening up and a UFO invasion happening. Take it seriously. Only those crying out in the Name of Yahushua HaMashiach will be spared at that time.


Seek Me while you can yet find Me!«


Source: Revelation 7 YAHUSHUA


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