The cosmic event


»My child events are very close! The cosmic event will cause the sky to glow and turn red and everyone on the face of the Earth will see this phenomenon!


This is your warning to get others

to stay indoors and be prepared for the coming earthquake and darkness.

My Father holds the timing for this.


Once this starts, it will issue a chain reaction all over the world! Your peace and calm will be a rare commodity as you will know your redemption is near! There will be a lot of fear upon the Earth for what will be unleashed upon the face of the Earth will be horrific! You have been trained to expect this and you will be trained in your kingdom assignment in another dimension. When you see the door walk through it.


Until then prepare your heart and as many others as possible. Some will listen, but many will not. But they will remember what you said and search for you and search your records where possible. Do not fret! I will be with you for I come in the storm! I love you my child. Rejoice! For you are mine!«



I received this word early in the morning on February 2nd. Then last night while walking out to my car after work, I saw one of the reddest sunsets on the horizon that I have ever seen! Right above the red horizon was a layer of dark clouds that look ominous. I immediately thought of this word I had received and this seemed like a confirmation to me! Then on February 3rd, while driving to work this morning I heard these words:


»Events will kick off when you see the red skies.

Watch the skies.«


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