The full implementation

of the Mark of the Beast*

»My dearest children,


this morning I delivered unto My daughter Gwendolen a very brief vision of a disposable insertion kit for the RFID implant which will become the mark of the beast in the days ahead. At this time the demon alien technology is almost completed for the full implementation of this device. There will be major production of insertion kits that will be delivered all across the globe to areas that are affected by mass catastrophes. They will become a highly favored tool in the days ahead for the children of God to be able to locate missing family members. Remember My dear children, remember who will thrive off of chaos and pandemonium, none other than the Antichrist. He will take advantage of the distraught hearts of the children of God and gently persuade their troubled hearts to receive these Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID implants) in order to receive the needed resources for their families.


Because My daughter is a nurse and has experience with inserting central lines, she was shown a kit that is very similar to the one that she used in her work environment to administer chemotherapy. These disposable kits contain a small sterile drape, an alcohol prep pad, a pair of sterile gloves, an introducer needle, and a device placed upon the skin to act as a guide for the introducer needle. These kits are already being manufactured, but have not been released yet, as they are awaiting the finalization of the Radio Frequency Identification Devices from the demon aliens.


This prophesy may seem far-fetched to many of My children,

but I assure you that if you seek Me on the contents of this prophesy

I will surely confirm it with you.


The purpose of these kits is very simple, dear children. The purpose is to have a conveniently packaged kit that can be used in any situation, even in a disaster zone where my children will be in shock and may receive the mark without truly thinking. Remember my children, the Antichrist is an opportunist and he will take advantage of every opportunity given to him.


Stay even closer to Me now, my most lovely children.

Stay close to your Creator and I will lead you to safety

when these things are being implemented.


I am your only hope. I am your loving Father.



30. Mai 2015


Source:  Gwendolen Rix  |  *Please share!


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