Alien-Demon Invasion

and the great deception



»My dearest children,


I am asking My son to write this message as a follow-up Word to My daughter, Gwendolen’s revelation concerning the coming alien-demon invasion of your world. Please understand that I AM confirming My daughter’s message through this Word that I AM giving to My son, Mark. Listen carefully, My loves, for this concerns the great deception that will take place  prior to, and during the coming Great Tribu-lation:


The alien-demons will arrive in many waves, children, and they come as different species that look different from one another. They can be divided into two main groups: the villains and the protectors. The devil is pitting them against one another as part of his wicked scheme to deceive the whole world in the coming days. How so, children? The alien-demons who play the role of the villains will do their best to damage and destroy the earth, causing much fear and dread to fall upon the nations.


The ones who play the role of protectors will appear to battle against the villainous aliens in order to save the earth from mass destruction. Satan has deliberately planned this, so that the inhabitants of your world will believe that the aliens who have protected and saved them are trustworthy and good. My clueless children will joyfully welcome these heroes and embrace them as their saviours.


And they will be told to take the RFID microchips or tattoo,

as a means of evolving into more advanced beings

such as the alien-demons themselves.


The devil will successfully carry out this great deception by playing both sides of the field, in order that My children become trapped in his deadly ruse.




For those who are wondering about this, let Me tell you that they enemy has been laying the groundwork for this great delusion for a long time through your enter-tainment channels. From popular science fiction shows to books and video games, the concept of good aliens versus bad aliens is a common theme that is constantly promoted to My children. All these are tools of the enemy to plough the fields of your minds, in order for the seeds of deception to be easily planted and take firm root before the coming great delusion to your world.


My children, please warn your family, friends and others about the enemy’s plan to entrap them, for many will not recognize this terrible deception that must take place in the days ahead. My Father and I will allow this powerful delusion to happen upon your world, so that the wicked who reject the truth of God will be deceived. This will be the hour of trial and the hour of temptation that will befall all of My children who live on the face of the earth. My chosen ones are being warned by Me through dreams, visions and messages, such as this one given to My son.


For those of you who remember, I had previously spoken of the final fruit of temp-tation in the history of mankind through my daughter, Gwendolen. This forbidden fruit is the Mark of the Beast, RFID technology that the alien-demons will entice the whole world to take. Many who have believed the lies of the theory of evolution will readily be tempted to accept the RFID as the means to the supposed evolutio-nary enhancement of the human race. These are deadly lies!


My children have a saying: History repeats itself when humans fail to learn the important lessons from their past. How true this is, My loves! Just as Adam and Eve failed to guard against the poisonous lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden and they were tempted to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, My ignorant children will once again be tempted by the serpent in the Great Tribu-lation. The first forbidden fruit caused My children to experience the death of their spirit, and the eventual death of their flesh body. This offence was atoned for, by My sacrifice on the Cross.


The final forbidden fruit will cause My children to experience the death of their soul, as they choose to follow the devil into eternal condemnation by taking the RFID Mark of the Beast. There will be no remedy for this offence, My children, for the free-will action of those who make this decision will seal their fate in the lake of fire. My Word is clear, My loves, there is no chance of redemption for those who willingly take the Mark of the Beast!


The alien-demon forces are preparing to reveal themselves publicly to the world, My children. As I have made known to many of My chosen ones, they will not only appear in your skies from outer space, they will also emerge from the bases under the earth and from under the sea. The invasion is coming, but those who belong to Me by the covering of My Blood will be kept safe by Me. Trust in Me, and I will hide you under the shelter of My wings.


Time is no more, My lives, for the world is living on borrowed time that My Father and I have graciously given to you. Sound the trumpets to warn those who are living in ignorance, and pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and ears, that they may see and hear the truth of My watchmen’s warnings. I love you greatly, dearest children, and I AM surely coming to rescue My precious Bride once My Father gives the command. Be not dismayed, My loves, though the waiting seems long and painful for many of you. It will be more than worth the wait in the end, for I will sweep you up into My strong arms and you will never have to be apart from Me ever again, for all eternity!


Your coming Bridegroom and King

Jesus Christ«


11. December 2014


Source:  Mark Chen  |  Bild: © mik38


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