A message from the throne room of

Jesus Christ*



To churches in the United States of America

and those in church leadership


To the sons and the daughters of the Most High God:


»This message comes at a late hour and I have much to say to all the churches operating in the United States of America in particular and also to the churches around the entire globe. My children, I am about ready to come and collect my Bride. It is the happiest occasion. I am awaiting the authorization from my own Heavenly Father and then I am on my way. My children, I am supposed to be the most delighted Groom on my Wedding Day, but there are other thoughts swirling around in my own heart. It was my desire that more of my children would be prepared for this day. The percentage is so small. At this time the percentage is approximately 4 % of the total population of the earth excluding the children and mentally challenged.


My Holy Word is crystal clear as to what I expect in my Bride. I expect a Holy Bride – not a prostitute. I expect my children to be living holy unto Me and unto my Heavenly Father. The church is not ready, my children! The church has turned into a harlot and is very unbecoming unto Me. I am coming whether or not the church is ready. This is a guarantee. It is not fair for Me to continue to delay my coming because the rest of the church has not spent time reading My Holy Word and learning how to walk in the Spirit. My Holy Spirit has been available for each and every one of my children should they want to call upon His presence. Very little do this though. He is just waiting for an opportunity to be called to the sides of each of the children of God.


If you still want to be taken up in the great gathering in the sky with the Bride Groom, then you must ask for My Holy Spirit to live inside of you. Ask My Holy Spirit to also fill you up with all of His glory. This is not a difficult task, my children. It is something that takes a concerted effort though. Decide now at this late hour if you want to be taken up in My Holy Rapture. Decide if you want to invest time in a deep and meaningful relationship with your Creator. If you do not, then so be it. Each of my children have their own free will. If you do decide to walk more closely with your Creator, then my heart is stirred and I will begin preparing you for My Wedding Supper. If you decide against this, then prepare your hearts to endure the worst horrors of your lifetime as you are left behind to endure the wrath of your Creator. I have no other choice than to share these words through my daughter Gwendolen and they are rooted in my deepest love for my creation.


The next portion of this message is to those who are in charge of tending to My flock across the United States and the entire planet. If you are a pastor or a youth minister, if you are someone who is called to work with a particular part of the Body of Christ, I have specific words for you also. Remember in My Holy Word that „to much is given, to much is expected”? If you are in a particular role in a church and you are not walking in the Holy Spirit, then you need to seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit immediately. You need to ask Me to help guide you as you guide My flock. Much has been given to you and much is expected of you. Please pray to Me on your knees and then I will guide you.


Each church across the U.S.A. and across the world needs to beautify themselves for the Rapture of the Bride. Each church needs to begin readying herself by living in complete holiness and righteousness before Me and my Father. I expect nothing less, my children. Cleanse the filth from the churches! Cleanse the heresy! If you are talking about church business during the time you are to be worshiping Me and my Father, please stop at this time! If you are taking money from the congregation to promote programs that do not build up My Holy Body, then stop this nonsense now! I expect the message at this late hour to be complete and utter repentance. Nothing less! Repent and prepare the churches across the United States to meet their Lord and Savior. My blood sacrifice came with the cruelest of punishments. Honor and love your Lord. I love you my precious children. I GAVE UP MY LIFE FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. I will be holding all those in church leadership roles to a higher accountability for their callings in Me.


The hour is late.

The warnings are about to cease as the door is about to be officially shut

for my children to escape the plans of the enemy.

Come unto Me this day!



Lord Yeshua  –  Jesus Christ«


Source: In Jesus Christ I Stand | Photo: PHOTOCASE | *Pleace share!


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